Sunday, 8 July 2012

A fall and finding a farm


I have been riding once or twice a week for the last five months, after not riding for about ten years, and yesterday I had my first fall. It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t too bad.  Tana had stepped into a hole and spooked, and I almost held on. I ended up with my right foot in the stirrup while most of me was off her, and in the end I just sort of let go.  I fell about a metre onto my right hip and arm.  I am a bit sore today, bust nothing was broken.  It could have been worse.


She did take off though back home though, so I had to walk back.  She managed to lose one rein in the process, and eventually stopped by standing on the other.  I remounted and went back the same route.  She spooked again in a different spot, but I held on that time.  We ended on a good note I think.

I had done about 20 minute ground work with her before riding, and gave her a good brush, but I wonder if she was eager to get back to her new paddock mate.  It was our first time riding out alone, and I think that, combined with the wind, was a big factor.  She really seems to love Crazy, her bay thoroughbred gelding friend, and his usual paddock mate, a grey gelding named Ghost, had moved down in the pecking order.



The young girls at the riding school tell me it takes at least 21 falls before you become a good rider.  Well, I have only had two falls, and the one before this was when I was about 16.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a great rider.  I really don’t want to fall again!


Anyway, I got back in the saddle again.  We also went to look at houses and acreage today -  I am determined to move out of suburbia and stop agisting.  I found a great place about 30 minutes out of town – only five acres but surrounded by cane fields which would be great for riding.



It also had lovely old sheds…..


A a gorgeous old timber home.


Here’s hoping our house sells soon!

Happy Trails, Deb

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