Thursday, 21 June 2012

Level 1 Parelli Clinic at Nebo


Last weekend I spent a fantastic two days at a Parelli clinic at Nebo, about an hour from Mackay.  The clinic was run by Parelli instructors Carmen Smith and Rob McAuliffe.

As it has been around 12 years since I last attended a Parelli clinic, I started again with level 1.  The games have changed a bit, and the progress seemed a bit slower than I remember – we didn’t ride at all during the two days – but so thorough.  My aim for the weekend was to really connect with Tana, and after two days of games, I feel that I did.

Both Carmen and Rob are very inspirational, as well as seeming like really lovely people.  Carmen was my main instructor, as Rob worked mainly with the higher level students,  and the way she could get any horse to listen to her within  a matter of seconds was amazing.  Here she is with Tana.


I have been very motivated to work my way through the Parelli program online, and have been paying the games with Tana this week and working my way through the online tasks.  Today as well as a figure of 8 around two cones we worked on circling and touching things with her nose (zone 1) during the driving game.  They both need a little more work, but Tana is very good at backing up, and I sent her backward though a gate and between a tractor and a fence with no problems.

Tana was definitely more relaxed on the trail ride today, and much more responsive to me.  I rode out with a friend and her horse (Saxon, an ex-racehorse), who had also attended the Nebo clinic, and both horses were great. We had no issues at all, and I rode Tana on a very loose rein most of the time.  She loved going through the dam, and had a big splash.  After our ride we took the horses back to the dam for a play.

Show June 2012 039

Show June 2012 044

Show June 2012 043

Saxon loved it!  Tana splashed but didn’t roll, which had been my worry when I was riding her.  She did eat a bit of pond weed though!

Another fabulous day (it’s Show Day here so a day off) and more motivated than ever to progress with the Parelli Program. 

Deb xx

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