Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Long Weekend of Riding & Puppies

It’s a long weekend here, for the Queen’s Birthday, and what a better way to celebrate than by doing something the Queen loves – horse riding!

I went on another trail ride yesterday, after a bit of work in the round pen and grooming.  I even got all of the burrs out of Tana’s mane – baby oil works wonders!

When I arrived the ponies and Tana were all happily grazing in the paddock, as a large eagle soared overhead and landed in a tree above them.  I managed to take a photo.


L_R Tana, Presence, Biggles and Spirit (eagle in top corner).

And I get to go riding again today – yeah!

I have only managed to get one of the girls to come with me, as we have a little distraction in our house.


Diva the border collie puppy arrived yesterday, and is 8 weeks old.

I have set up a puppy play pen in the lounge room, with her house, water and toilet.  We have a huge amount of Parvovirus around at the moment, so she isn’t allowed outside until after her 12 week shots. Having lost a puppy to parvo before we are a bit paranoid.


Of course with four children in the house she hasn’t spent much time in the play pen yet.  But she will when we are all off to work and school on Tuesday.  I plan to come home oat lunch time and check on her and feed her, and my eldest daughter gets home from school at 3pm, so she won’t be alone too long.

Last night she was quiet all night, and I was so impressed.  Then my ten year old told me she had slept with Diva on the couch most of the  time.  Not so impressed!

Anyway, wish us luck.


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