Sunday, 3 June 2012

A sunny day, chooks & a new paddock


Finally a sunny day.  I spent an hour getting mud off Tana, and then an hour recovering from an asthma attack caused by all the dust.  But at last she’s clean.  We rode in the arena and up and down the little nearby hill for about an hour.  The moveable chook pen concerned  her a little, so we attacked it from different angles, and after riding had another look and a graze nearby.  I think she’s over her fear!


I spent time getting to know her, as she’s only been here a few weeks, and with her sore leg we haven’t done much riding.  We even did a little trotting, and I felt quite secure in the swinging fender saddle I was using.  Not mine, but I have bought one on ebay and it should be here soon.   Exciting!

After our ride I gave her a hose down, seeing it was such a sunny day. She didn’t mind the hose at all, and even drank from it.  Then it was into her new paddock.  It’s larger, and with less mud, and has some paddock mates – miniatures Presence and Toby.


They have been on opposites sides of the fence for a few weeks, so hopefully they will get on alright.  Tana certainly felt right at home.


It will be interesting to see if she is still easy to catch in this new paddock.  I’ll find out soon!

Happy trails,


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