Thursday, 7 June 2012

First saddle & First trail ride


I found my perfect saddle! A swinging fender from HP Australia – on ebay for $600, and only used once.  It came with everything but the girth, including the saddle pad.  I borrowed a girth today, and had my first ride in my new saddle– and my first trail ride on Tana.


I am still getting used to girthing the western way, as there are no buckles like on English style saddles.  It is definitely very secure though.


The saddle is very comfy, and I felt very secure.  The weather was perfect and we had a lovely ride, at just a walk and very relaxed.  Tana did well, even when we met some cows, and she splashed through the edges of the dam quite happily.  

I have ordered a girth, monkey grip and saddle bag from HPs website.  I have also ordered a fly/shadecloth rug for Tana off ebay to help keep some of the burrs off her.  Even though it’s winter here it not’s very cold – the days are t-shirt friendly and the nights don’t get below 7 C.  I am not really a rug person, but these burrs are horrible.  The rug is also great for keeping off bugs, including ticks, and acts as a sunscreen.  I also aim to get her a face mask in a few months to protect her white blaze from the sun.

Anyway, hopefully the rain will stay away and I will get to ride again on Saturday.  Mind you I will be a little busy – we have a new four legged family member on the way.  Watch this space!


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